I believe we should conduct independent research when choosing a candidate for office. I look at the person’s record and past actions when making my decision.

Why vote for Don Roper?

Purpose: I’m running to serve the people of Gaston County, not myself.

Work ethic: I lead from the front. My employees don’t have to go look for me for guidance, I’m on the scene with them.

Experience: I have the resume that has fully developed, with the training and experience of leading during the most trying times. My experience is built from being in the field doing the hard work, not from an office.

Record: My record is one of consistent, reliable leadership during the most complex, dangerous, or significant situations. I have proven myself capable in a broad variety of law enforcement roles. My record is one of developing and mentoring staff to advance to the next level, not hiring from the outside, or relying on other agencies to fill critical roles.

Trust: I have earned the trust of my peers and neighbors through leading by example. This trust has led to me being chosen by my peers to serve in leadership roles throughout the county and region.

Connections: I have developed personal and professional connections across the county, state, and country by serving as a true team member. These connections have benefited our area in times of need; not because of a political debt, deal or payback, but because I have fostered relationships built on mutual respect.


Foundation: My beliefs are built on a foundation of Christian, conservative values. I believe in respect and personal responsibility. I believe our Constitutional rights are sacred and worth protecting, as they are God given rights, not government given.


Reputation: I have built my reputation on my actions. I am very proud and honored to have the support of many trusted community leaders that I respect. However, I am my own man. I will make decisions based on what I feel is best for the people of Gaston County. I am not a politician trying to make a deal. I am not willing to compromise my reputation for political gain or endorsement.


Please look at my record. Ask your neighbors about me. Share your thoughts and feedback with me. If you feel my values are best for Gaston County, I would be honored to have your vote for Sheriff, and I promise I will never violate your trust in me, or let you down.


Don Roper